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Official Website: https://ramp.com/
Platforms: Web |
Account Types: Business Checking
Partner Bank: Celtic Bank / Sutton Bank
Minimum Account Balance: $0.00
Lowest Monthly Fee: $0.00
Headquarters: New York, NY

Features: Physical and Virtual Cards, Free ACH transfers, Expense Management, Cash Back

Ramp is a US-based neobank that enables capitalized businesses to bank entirely online, including account opening, with no monthly fees or minimums.

Ramp is a New York based neobank offering free business checking accounts without any personal guarantees or credit checks.

Ramp offers a quick and entirely-online account opening process, online business banking with their web portal, and overall provides a smooth experience for small business banking with cash back offers. With zero monthly fees or minimums, it also comes with unlimited virtual and physical cards, and expense management.

They are, however, only interested in business from companies with already more than 75k in capital or will soon be capitalized. Most startups would not be a fit to even complete their application.

Overall a very strong entry into the business neobank segment looking to differentiate from their competitors if you are already capitalized or will soon be.