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Official Website:
Platforms: Web | Android | iOS
Account Types: Personal Checking
Partner Bank: The Bancorp (via Galileo)
Minimum Account Balance: $0.00
Lowest Monthly Fee: $0.00
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Features: Early Paycheck, Automatic Savings

Chime is a US Neobank targeting millenials who are already accustomed to managing their lives online, offering no-fee personal checking and savings accounts, touting themselves as a solution to avoid fees, save money, and lead healthier financial lives.

Founded in 2013, Chime was an early entry into the app-only bank space, with no minimums and zero monthly fees for personal checking and savings accounts.

Offering accounts that can be opened entirely online, with Android and iOS apps, Chime caters to millenials who are already accustomed to running their entire lives through their screens.

Chime offers a free savings account that can be connected with a free checking account, taking micro-deposits from every purchase by rounding it up to the next whole dollar. Over time, this encourages saving in a small but consistent way even for a generation of Americans with a notoriously low savings rate. (This, of course, is an optional feature.)

Chime also shines with a live chat tech support system right in their mobile app with relatively fast responses even during a rare outage of their technology provider, Galileo, in 2019.

Overall, a strong offering for consumers looking for a free convenient checking and savings account for every-day use and maybe even some savings.