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Official Website:
Platforms: Web | Android | iOS
Account Types: Personal Checking
Minimum Account Balance: $0.00
Lowest Monthly Fee: $0.00
Headquarters: Marina Del Rey, CA.

Features: Socially Conscious Checking and Investment Accounts

Aspiration is a US challenger bank that aims to fight climate change using the money from rounding up your transactions to the next whole dollar amount.

Aspiration is a US-based neobank that strives to be a socially conscious fintech platform offering products that revolve around conscious consumerism.

Aside from rounding up your transactions to the next whole dollar amount and using the difference to fight climate change, Aspiration also commits to donate 10% of every dollar they earn to charities that help struggling Americans build a better life.

Their retail banking product includes a Pay What Is Fair (even zero) model that competes directly with other no-fee Neobank checking accounts, while Aspiration Plus is a $7/month (or $5.75 if paid annually) account with 10% Cash Back on purchases, up to 1.00% APY on savings, and other socially conscious options.

Aspiration is also a registered broker-dealer, offering investment and IRA accounts to invest in their 100% fossil fuel free mutual fund, the Redwood Fund (REDWX), with a $10 minimum opening deposit.